Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

eBuddy XMS Let You Do Free Real-time messaging Between iOS, Android and Blackberry

eBuddy XMS is a new app available in AppStore, which allows you to send free messages via internet to all other users who are using the same app on their smartphones, same like users do with WhatsApp and LiveProfile. eBuddy XMS is also supports all the three big smartphone platforms, means Android, iOS and Blackberry OS.

eBuddy XMS is a free, real-time messaging application for smartphones. You can XMS unlimited text messages to anyone who’s also installed it to their smartphone. eBuddy XMS uses your smartphones Internet connection to share unlimited messages between you and anyone else on XMS – for free!

With this app you can send messages to your friends which are using it, also can send images as attachments and emotion in text messages. eBuddy XMS is based on your smartphone’s phonebook, it automatically detects which contacts are using the eBuddy XMS on their phones.

I think we are pretty faster in reporting about it, eBuddy XMS is currently only availabe to Australia and the Netherland users. If you are from these 2 countries, look for ‘eBuddy XMS’ in the Apple App Store/Android Market. Worldwide launch will soon take place, so keep in touch with us!