Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Apple Releases EasyPay and Personal Pickup With Apple Store App v2.0

As expected, Apple has released the new update to its Apple Store app to add the ability of the new rumored features of EasyPay and Personal Pickup, both features have been rolled out slightly to the users in the past few days. Apple has already begun the Retail Store pickups from last few weeks, which allow users to place their order online through Apple Store and pick up the device from the local Apple Store.

Apple has featured Apple Store App 2.0 with EasyPay feature, which allow customers to directly purchase the accessories on cheaper price, without having chat with retail store employees. The feature allows users to scan the bar code of the product and easily pay from their Apple ID on the iOS device. The internal document of release hinted at the feature as “EasyTheft”, as someone can easily walkout from Apple Store without paying for the accessory or device.

Personal Pickup is one of the most interesting features of the App, with these users can place their order of any iOS product simply through the application, and your order will be ready in the store within 12 minutes. This feature seems to be really a handful for those users who don’t want to spend time in Apple’s elegant retail stores.

Track Your Stuff is an additional feature of Apple Store application. The new feature allows users to track the availability of their ordered product and can easily get to update about their product availability in Apple Retail Store.