Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Earlier Benchmark Results Of iPad 3 Reveals: 1Ghz Processor, 1GB RAM

Right after the first hand-on / unboxing video of the next-generation iPad from the folks, now they have shared the first benchmark test results of the next-generation tablet, conducted by the user of the new tablet by a simple application on the App Store. The earliest benchmarks of the newer tablet reveal the first iOS device with 1 GB of RAM memory, and the double amount of GPU from its predecessor. However, the earliest benchmark of A5X processor shows the new processor clocks at the same speed as the A5 chip.

Sonny Dickson, the iOS Hacker today posted a picture carrying from the folks showing the results of the earlier benchmark of the Apple’s new tablet. The result clearly states the new device has 1GB of RAM memory, and clocks at the same speed as the old generation processor. According to him, the earlier benchmark of the device has taken from the Geekbench 2 application for the iOS devices.

According to the Sonny Dickson’s screenshot of the new iPad, shown the new device has achieved 756 scores in Geekbench result, which is appeared to be slightly higher than the older generation iPad 2 results which scored 751, last year in the benchmark results. However, the original iPad scores just 681 in a benchmark result. From the benchmark results, it is clearly stated the newer device is only carrying graphical improvements, and the more power inside its hood to display the Retina graphics on the display screen.

If you have missed the first unboxing video of the next-generation iPad, kindly head over to this page and check out the video!