Sat. May 28th, 2022

Dump SHSH For Your Current Firmware With iFaith [How To guide]

Moments ago ih8sn0w the Dev Behind Sn0wbreeze,iReb and F0recast released a new Tool called iFaith. iFaith is used to Dump SHSH for the Current firmware on you iDevice.

This Tool is really helpful to those who bought their iPhone,iPod recently and didn’t got a chance to save their SHSH Blobs because it is too late for them to save them now. But is possible by this Tool iFaith. Below are the Steps to Dump the SHSH Blobs for the Current Firmware on your iDevice.

Steps to Follow:


Download iFaith for Windows and MAC OS X.

Download For Windows 

Download For MAC OS X 

Once the Download is Finished Open iFaith.


Once you have opened iFaith Proceed next. When you will proceed next you will find many options.

Go to the option saying Dump SHSH Blobs.

Now Proceed next. It will ask you if you are Entering Apple TV 2G into DFU Mode Press NO for that.


Now connect your iDevice and put it into DFU Mode using iFaith.

Once your iDevice is in DFU Mode just sit back and wait for the process to finish. The Process will automatically start on you iDevice.

It will take some time to process. It takes about 2-4 Minutes for the whole process to Complete.



Once it is done with the Kernel step, it will ask you to the location where you want to save the SHSH File.

Just save it some where safe.

Once done, it will popup with a message saying:

That’s it and in the end you will get a small file saved.

Special thanks to the team who worked behind this Tool.