Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

Download Windows 8 Developer Preview Build For PC & Tablet

Earlier today, Officially Microsoft has spilled some beans of information about its upcoming Windows 8 and showed up the Windows 8 demos to the attendees of their BUILD conference event, also host a giveaway program for attendees where they have giveaway new Samsung powered Windows 8 developer preview tablets to attendees of BUILD conference. Windows 8 Developer View Build was showed up in the conference and they also disccuss about the sneak and peaks of Windows 8 dedicated tools for both PC’s and tablets.

In the past we have revealed couple of Windows 8 features, in the month of April, where someone from Microsoft leaks couple of internal builds of Windows 8 to public and uploaded them on public FTP. Windows 8 to feature: Metro style UI, Internet Explorer 10, Task Manager, Quick Boot, Face Password, a fancy PDF reader, new and improved Contacts, Calendar and email apps etc etc.

At the conference they also announced that they will be kick out Windows 8 Developer Preview soon on internet for those developers who does not attend the event, so if you are one of those who want to get hands on with Windows 8 developer preview build, wait for few hours until Microsoft uploading the build to their servers.

You probably want to try out the preview release—and you can. Starting later tonight you can download the Windows 8 Developer Preview. This includes a 64-bit (x64) build with development tools to build apps and a 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) build without development tools. The releases also include a suite of sample applications (please note these are merely illustrations of potential apps, not apps that we intend to ship with Windows 8). The ISOs are linked to from


  • Download Windows 8 Developer Preview Build [Link].

Update: It is available free for download and it won’t require any activation. It is to be noted, however, that it will not install on existing Windows 7. It requires a clean installation


The iOS hacker ih8snow made a tool which will let you know when ever the Windows 8 Developers build is out. Download that from here.