Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

Download Windows 8 Consumer Preview Direct Link [Hands On Review]

Just right after the Mobile World Congress 2012, the Microsoft is finally back on track with their most anticipated launch of the Consumer Preview of the Windows 8. The Consumer Preview launch is appeared to be the biggest release of the upcoming operating system, as it carries the number of new additional features to the operating system since the release of Developer Preview of the Windows 8. Microsoft has finally pasted the Consumer Preview of Windows 8 files on their server for the public download of the newer Consumer Preview of the Windows 8. Microsoft has announced that they have made around 100,000 changes into the Windows 8 since the release of first public beta release of Windows 8 under Developer Preview.

download windows 8 consumer preview

Microsoft has also announced the Windows Store for the Windows 8 along with couple of pre-configured applications on the Store. Moreover, the newer Consumer Preview of the Windows 8 carries some pre-installed applications for the touch UI devices. Microsoft has stated that if anyone wants to test the touch response of the operating system, they have to connect some touch LCD with the system configured with Window 8 Consumer Preview. Microsoft has previewed the Windows Store with highly designed with Metro-UI style, and promoting some popular applications for the Windows 8 on the Store like the USA Today and Cut The Rope on their Windows Store. In addition to some popular applications, Windows Store also features some third party applications such as Kindle, WordPress, and iCookbook.

In addition to standard Windows 8 Consumer Preview, Microsoft has also previewed the Windows 8 Enterprise features that brings the old feature of Windows To Go on Windows 8, and allow the user to boot into Windows 8 directly from the USB-stick. Microsoft has also hinted at the Bing Maps upcoming application for the Windows 8.

Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer Preview is available on the web-store, and ready to download for the different devices, as well as they have stated minimum requirements for the system to run Consumer Preview of Windows 8 on it. Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer Preview comes up with some sort of additional tools that guide you on upgrading your Developer Preview into Consumer Preview or come in a an ISO file. Download the Windows 8 Consumer Preview from here.