Wed. May 25th, 2022

Apple Released iTunes 10.5.3 For Windows & Mac OS (Direct Download)

Along with the releases of different new tools for the Mac OS and iOS device users, Apple has tend to update its iTunes suite for Windows and Mac OS, after seeding different betas to the developer from the couple of weeks. Apple has released the iTunes 10.5.3 for Mac OS and Windows users, and the new launched iTunes 10.5.3 is available right now to download from their web, or from the iTunes direct website. Apple has today launched a bundle of newer functions for the iBooks, and iTunes U, which clearly need an iTunes update from the iTunes to sync new available items from the devices.

Apple has today launched a new section of books, called “textbooks” laying under the UI design of the iBooks, and said to be available through the iBookstore for the users who uses their tablets for the educational purposes. Apple has shown a strong faith in education with the launch of different tools and platforms for the publishers who wants to seed their content on iPad and iPhone. Apple has also launched the iBooks 2, which is now capable to run on your Mac OS machine, to provide you the same content which is available on your device through the App Store.


iTunes 10.5.3 allows you to sync interactive iBooks textbooks to your iPad. These Multi-Touch textbooks are available for purchase from the iTunes Store on your Mac or from the iBookstore included with iBooks 2 on your iPad.

iBooks textbooks are created with iBooks Author — now available as a free download on the Mac App Store.


Apple has not mention any identical changes to the iTunes 10.5.3 core, only tagged this update under the compulsory update for the new content sync from the iBooks and iTunes U, and the newer launched tool for the Mac OS users which let them to write their own books for the iBooks, and allow them to randomly test their content on their device with having an access to the Apple’s high level forum aka developer forums.


If you are going to adopt any of the today’s launched function from the Apple, you have to update your iTunes to get synced your newly purchased iBooks and textbooks for the devices. Apple has already made the newer version available on the web, you can download it right from these direct links.

Download iTunes 10.5.3 For Mac and Windows (Direct Link)