Sun. Jun 20th, 2021

Download Angry Birds Web, Now Play Angry Bird On Google Chrome

Woha, so with the start of 2nd day of Google I/O event 2011, one of the developer comes up on the stage and announced the new version of Angry Bird now which supports Google Chrome browser. This new version of Angry Bird also allows you to play game even you are disconnected from internet, the game is downloaded on you Computer and installed on the Chrome.

So its means, now we can enjoy Angry Bird on our computers too, and we have chrome blocks, Chrome icons, Chrome bombs. The new version of game which supports Google Chrome also comes up with the feature of in-app payments for Chrome Web Store, but these things take some time to roll out, this time you can enjoy the game on your computer’s Chrome Browser.

Once again Chrome beats FireFox and makes it way through. The version of Angry Birds is not any new one, the levels and the Birds are the same as iOS and Android Angry Birds. The major difference is HD and SD Version. HD Version not every one could enjoy. But now you can.

Get your hands on it before it is too late 😀

Download Now Angry Bird Web For Google Chrome