Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

Downgrade of Baseband 6.15.00 is in Works? [Video]

Well looks like the news is coming true and Sherif Hashim is working on the Baseband Downgrade Method.

Today Sherif Hashim Tweeted out some pictures and a video showing that he is working on the baseband downgrade from 6.15.00 Ā 5.13.01.

@Sherif-Hashim successfully erased the 6.15 BB files , should accept new BB flash files now, or at least i thought so šŸ™‚

He alsoĀ sharedĀ a video on Twitter showing the process of Downgrading the baseband.


OriginalĀ Link .

As you can see in the Video the baseband is flashed with Errors. Till now no solid words are said on the release of theĀ MethodĀ or any thing yet. Sherif Hashim is working on the method to make it work without Errors.