Fri. May 27th, 2022

Double At: Let You Insert Email Address In iOS By Double Tapping @

Recently some days back, I have moved my entire mail box to my iPad 2 but after migration of my email box to my tablet, realize that it takes a lot time on sending email to clients, just because of annoying form boxes, which acquires password and my email address every time, and to get rid from this I start searching on the web for any tweak to fix the issue and today I just found out a new tweak that aimed to help you. We all know Jailbreak utility tweak are just awesome and allows you high level customization on your device. So just following their tradition, a new tweak makes it way to Cydia with name of “Double @”, from description we learn that it helps you in entering your email address in Email field, by simply tapping the “@” button from your keyboard twice.

This tweak comes up with its on setting section in your iOS device “Settings” and allows you to put anything you want. Once you have set up the tweak from settings you can easily enter your email in any form and place by simply tapping “@” twice.