Sat. May 28th, 2022

Domino’s Pizza Hero Lets You Make and Order A Pizza From iPad

What if someone says you to design a pizza for him on your iPad? Alternatively, says you to throw a pizza party but with the non-standard pizza shapes and customization. Here’s the Domino’s Pizza new application for the iPad users in the App Store that allow them to design their own modified pizza right on their iPad tablet and directly order it to the store for the instant delivery. The pizza giant has launched a new application with the name of “Dominos Pizza Hero,” which lets you make a pizza and order it in real life, sounds interesting huh?

The giant has also added some game aspects in their application like challenging users to create a pizza with the clock and against each other on the leaderboards to make best pizza quickly. The app allows you to order the pizza to Domino’s, once you have completed your Pizza; you can simply head over to “Make an Order” tab to order the pizza through the local closest Domino’s store. While introducing an amazing way to order the pizza, the giant has also limited the app and orders from app, they have mentioned that users can’t order a pizza shaped like an Apple logo or other firm logo.

Domino’s Pizza Hero application is currently available in the App Store to download for free. Domino’s have not done the cleverly marketing of their pizza’s on the latest technology tablet. We have seen this idea, firstly, back in May from Pizza Hut.