Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

Developing Third Party Widgets For iOS 5 Notification Center Is Technically Possible

While unveiling the iOS 5 Notification Center by Scott Forstall at WWDC, Apple didn’t announce that there will be a API access for developers to create their own widgets for iOS 5, but developers believed that there would be an access to add third party widgets to iOS 5 notification center. Although Apple didn’t announced any SDK tool for widgets to developers, but thanks to jailbreak tweakers and iPhone Dev team who quickly kicked out an update to their tool Redsn0w 0.9.8 that brings jailbreak to iOS 5. The jailbreak tweak developers has managed to develop the first, non-Apple created widget for iOS 5 Notification Center.

WillFour20, the developer who managed to dig into the jailbroken iOS 5 version and unveil the ability to add third party widget into iOS 5 notification center, by adding his own widget in it.  He demonstrated his widget by adding “Hello World” in iOS 5 Notification Center, as shown in image. Discovery of WillFour20 confirmed that to create own widget for iOS 5, developers don’t need Apple API for it.


Apple has kicked out iOS 5 with some stock widgets like “Weather” and “Stocks”, but it seems that Apple will add some more widgets of its own in public releases. Obviously, developers want API access from Apple to create own iOS 5 widgets, so that developers not going to attempt backdoor of jailbreaking.