Sun. Aug 1st, 2021

Detailed Comparison: New iPad vs iPad 2 (PHOTO)

Couple of hours ago, Apple has unveiled its forthcoming new iPad in front of the media in a media event along with several product announcements on the launch event. The new iPad has just given a big shock to the whole tech community with Apple’s name choice for its branding, before the launch of the device everyone was expecting and betting that the device will be named as iPad HD or iPad 3, but the Apple has just slammed down all the folk’s expectations with the announcement of naming the next-generation iPad as “The New iPad.”

The New iPad is just announced with many new features, and it carries a similar look to the iPad 2 but still it is a way different from the iPad 2. It came with the same design size 9.7-inch display, but scoring the Retina Display, with Quad-Core GPU and dual-core processor A5X specially optimized processor for the device. The device also carries the new advanced camera technology called “iSight” with the 5 MP camera lens, and 1080p HD video recording on the device, and the Siri Voice Dictation along with the addition of upgraded battery packs that allow the device to be light up the whole system for more than 10 hours on Wi-Fi and 9 hours on LTE.

If you are one of those, who are still wondering why the Apple has named it “The New iPad” instead of the next-generation iPad 3, so there are the kind words from the Apple VP: We named it “the new iPad” because we don’t to be predictable!

However, here we have just got our hands on the graphical simple comparison between the iPad 2 and “The New iPad”, the graphical comparison features all the new specifications and details about the devices. Take a look:


new ipad vs ipad2