Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Apple Release “iBooks Author” To Design iBooks/Textbooks For iPad

As we have told you a moment ago that Apple has released a newer version of iBooks 2 for the Mac OS and iOS devices, which lets you to access on the brand-new series of textbooks comes from the bigger publications for the education purpose and currently uses by more than several million students and teachers across the world. In addition to the newer version of iBooks 2, Apple has released a brand-new tool that allows publications to design their content according to the iOS devices and Mac OS, and easily allow to seed their content to iBookStore in shape of e-books for the iOS devices.

The new “iBooks Author” is currently available for the users running Mac OS X on their computer through the Apple’s famous Mac App Store, and allow you to specify your content in the WYSIWYG editor like the Pages for the iOS devices and Mac OS X operating system. The software is specifically designed for the author who wishes to land their content on iPad, and iPhone screens with a new type of  view.

The tool is quite intelligent to sense the type of document and automatically gives the format to different chapters and pages according to the content, and allows you to import the Microsoft Word documents directly to the suite; the suite is also come up with the support of Keynote documents. The new iBooks Author turns itself to a widget on the import of Keynote presentation in the suite, and as well allows publications to code their own widgets of the textbooks, and to make it cooler with HTML5 work on the textbooks and iBooks created with suite. We have not been yet able to kick it on our device, but for surely soon come up with a walk through of the software for readers.