Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Czech Carrier Drops Apple’s iPhone Over “Business Terms”

It seems that today is an a bit sketchy day for Apple, first they lost iPad related patient against android small tablet vendor, and now it is reported that Czech carrier Telefonica Czech Republic AS is on the way to drop all the iOS devices from their inventory, as they said they couldn’t work with Apple due to some business terms. Well, it’s pretty shocking here, while all the worldwide carriers want to shake their hands with Apple’s iPhone 4S customers, and this carrier is announcing that they are dropping all the devices, including iPhone 4S.

It’s worth note here that Telefonica is one of the important carriers of Apple, which helps them in introducing iPhone to Spain and United Kingdom first with O2. Telefonica says that they are dropping Apple’s devices due to “business terms,” the term carries a lot of market stuff in itself, so it’s not right moment to assume anything at the moment. As per the discovery of BGR, the carrier has already commented to land’s publication that they are having issues with higher subsidies of Apple on their devices; the similar news also comes up a month ago from the CEO of Sprint that Apple is ruling the market price according to its need.

Recently, Apple has just launched its third round of iPhone 4S in more 15 countries, such as South Korea and Hong Kong. With the launch of iPhone 4S in more 15 countries, now Apple’s iPhone 4S is available in almost 44 markets around the globe.