Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

CydiaBulletin Brings iOS Notification Service To Cydia

Until now, we have been enjoying the latest generation technology of Apple on our iOS devices, which keep us updated on the arrival of any new application and games in the App Store. However, how do you feel when a service came on your device to also keep you updated about your favorite jailbreak app or tweak received an update from the developer?

In the next-generation iOS 5, Apple has done a lot of work on the iOS Notification Center, and given a totally new look to it with more powerful features. However, Apple has yet to make it so much useful for the users, but jailbreaking community have already done lot of work for the Notification Center to make it more handy and useful for the iOS users. Therefore, we have seen many tweaks in the Cydia for iOS notification center since the Apple releases the first beta of iOS 5 to developers.

cydia notification center

The famous star of jailbreaking community, Ryan Petrich, this week comes up with some great idea to make the iOS notification center more useful for the jailbroken device users. The developer has introduced a new tweak for the notification center, which informs you about the arrival of new update of your favorite tweak in Cydia Store.

The idea of a tweak appears to be quite useful for the jailbroken iOS device owners, and also adds to shinny star in the fame of Cydia Store. As you can see above in the screenshot directly comes from the developer showing that a new version of Activator is arrived in the Cydia Store, and now the tweak is informing the user to update.

Well, it’s a really good upcoming tweak for the iOS jailbroken users, and we can surely say that it will directly make itself in the most popular tweaks for the iOS. However, I believe soon we will get this future in the iOS by default for App Store, because in the past, we have seen Apple copied a lot of stuff from the jailbreak community without giving any conceptual credit to the real developer.