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MyWi 5.5 Is Available In Cydia With Support For iOS 5, and New Features

by Hamza Tariq - on Apr 6th 2012 - No Comments

Undoubtedly, the popular jailbreak tweak MyWi is one of the best tweaks launched in Cydia, and probably the most-used application of the Cydia Store. MyWi is a top-chart tweak of Cydia, which allow users to tether their data network to other devices over WiFi network, means it allows you to share your data network with other devices over the internet for a little one-time cost, instead of any monthly packages, which cause you more pain for tethering your data network to other devices.

Mostly users like these types of handy plugins, and features inside their devices, and therefore MyWi is one of the reasons for users to jailbreak their devices and get an ultimate tethering option for them. MyWi is also a best tethering tool in hiding its protocol from the carrier’s watchdog, and lets you easily tether your data network with other devices. However, since the iOS 5 released in public, we have seen the plugin is not updated to support the latest platform, as the developers are quite busy in developing the plugin from scratch for the new iOS 5.0, obviously with a number of new features and enhancements.


The team behind MyWi has released an update to their tool, which updated MyWi to 5.5 version in real-time for the public users. The new MyWi 5.5 is available to download from the Cydia Store, and comes with the support for the latest iOS 5.0.1 firmware version, means you can jailbreak your device using any jailbreak tool and then can purchase MyWi from Cydia to tether your data network with other devices. MyWi 5.5 not only carries the number of bug fixes, instead it also introduces some more features on the tweak.

The following things have changed in MyWi 5.5:

– Rewritten and optimized completely for iOS 5.X
– Improved data speeds
– Now possible to use WEP and no encryption with iOS 5.X
– Improved stability
– Bug fixes
– Wi-Fi sharing
– MyWi on Demand can activate the Wi-Fi hotspot by using Bluetooth

BiteSMS Update To Version 6.2, Available To Download With New Features

by Hamza Tariq - on Apr 4th 2012 - No Comments

There is no doubt behind the popularity of the BiteSMS, as it always considered as the best alternative application to Apple’s very own iOS messages stock application on iPhone devices. Undoubtedly, many user’s jailbreak their devices just to only get their hands on the shinny BiteSMS application of their devices, and we believe there would be around millions of users who are using the BiteSMS on their iPhone devices. However, the developer behind the popular application has just released an update to application. BiteSMS is updated to version 6.2, including numbers of different features for the iPhone users on the latest iOS firmware version.

BiteSMS simply enriches your texting experience on the iPhone devices, as its useful notification allows users to quickly engage in chat with the other person texting to them. The BiteSMS is available in both premium and free flavors; however, with this new update to BiteSMS the developer announced that he is going to drop the price of premium BiteSMS in the month of April by 40%, so it s the correct time to update your ad-filled application with ad-free version.

The new update brings many wanted features to the application, just like the ability to copy text on clipboard. Have you ever wanted to copy the whole conversation from messages application to email, or to archive it on your device locally in notes application? If yes, the new BiteSMS is going to provide you the same feature on your iPhone. There is a new feature is also introduced that allows you to simply fight with the spamming messages from many users, and allow you to put mute on unwanted text senders.

Download BiteSMS 6.2 For iPhone

bitesms 6.2

Here is the complete changelog of what’s new in BiteSMS 6.2:

  • FINALLY! Added Camera and Photo icon (via biteSMS pop-up menu) so you can easily send photo’s in Quick Compose and Quick Reply.
  • Added an ‘Opt Out’ of a conversation feature. Ideal for spam or group messages or even keeping a ‘quiet’ conversation. Long holding on a conversation toggles notification alerts on or off.
  • Added a ‘Copy to Clipboard’ feature. Ever wanted to copy an entire conversation and then for example email a copy of it. It’s easy now using biteSMS, go into any conversation (tap the status bar to go to top of convo) then tap [Copy to Clipboard].
  • Tapping the biteSMS status bar icon now launches Quick Reply if there’s just one pending message (otherwise slides open the Notification Center).
  • Added Orientation Lock for Quick Compose and Quick Reply. See biteSMS > Settings > More Stuff.
  • Added ability to specify a group message contact pic. See biteSMS > Settings > More Stuff > Contact Pics.
  • Much better integration with Siri for iPhone 4S devices.
  • Now compliant with iOS 5.1.
  • Added some simple theme support. There is a file you can create and edit to specify the color of the QR and QC text fields. Only create the file and add details for fields you want to change.

To download, simply search for ‘BiteSMS’ in Cydia and tap to install the free version. If you like it, just buy it!

iSleepWell – Nasty Plugin Allows You To Sleep Well With Your iPhone

by Hamza Tariq - on Apr 3rd 2012 - No Comments

Everyone wants the complete rest at night, and wants to sleep for a whole night at least until the morning. But having unwanted calls at night over your handy phone may kill your rest time, and put you in a depression in the morning. For all those who have been passing from these issues, we have new tool launched in Cydia for your iPhone that puts a mute to your iPhone networks while you are sleeping, and lets you enjoy your night.

iSleepWell is a new jailbreak tweak launched in Cydia that aims to bring the functionality that detects the orientation of iPhone using the built-in accelerometer, and operates the network according to the iPhone orientation. With this tweak enabled your iPhone, you can simply ditch all those unwanted calls,text-messages, and alerts on your device by placing the iPhone face down.

Once you place your device face down while using the tweak, it will automatically turn your iPhone into an Airplane mode and disable all other network radios on your device. In short, it helps you in saving the battery life of your iPhone and iPad. The enabling of an Airplane mode prevents phone calls, text messages and other kind of notifications from destroying your night.

I guess the developer behind the tweak must be bugged by various unwanted phone calls at night, and therefore he developed this tweak for himself, and then later decided to make quick bucks from it by seeding it in Cydia’s default repository for a little price tag of $0.99.

iSleepWell is a great tool for those who are disturbed from unwanted calls at night, but on the same time it is a risky tool as it can accidentally turn your device into an airplane mode. So before going to hook up the tweak from Cydia must think about it.

LockDate Let’s You Customize The Lock Screen Time & Date

by Hamza Tariq - on Apr 2nd 2012 - No Comments

Undoubtedly, the iOS lock screen is one of the most secure lock panels in the iOS that prevent strangers from accessing any information from your device without knowing the actual pass-code of your device. However, but being a secure lock screen doesn’t mean that it looks cool, or providing all required features to the users. Normally, the lock screen comes up with hidden buttons, which could be enabled by double-tapping the home button on the lock screen, and along with these buttons, Apple designed the lock screen with digital clock and Calendar functionality, which pulls the current date and time for you on the lock screen.

But Apple has not yet provided any option in the iOS that let customers to play with the lock screen objects like the clock and Calendar. If you are bored with stock settings on your iPhone and iPad, and now want some change in the way it works on your device. There we have a new tweak launched in Cydia that lets you customize the Clock and Calendar on the lock screen through the settings’ pane in the Settings application on your device.

LockDate a new jailbreak tweak comes with deep preference options on your device that lets you completely customize the lock screen layout, and mode it exactly the way you want to see it. It allows you number of options in your with an ability to give custom colors, and date settings. LockDate allows you to change the text of Calendar and Date for the lock screen, and provides you a list of different Calendars through which you can select one for your device; it also provides an option to select your Region format for the date and time.

LockDate is a complete suit for your lock screen, which lets you to completely modify your lock screen there are numbered of options that it will provide you on installation in your device:



  • Gregorian
  • Buddhist
  • Chinese
  • Hebrew
  • Indian
  • Islamic
  • Japanese
  • Persian

Region Format

  • English
  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • Hebrew
  • Indian
  • Japanese
  • Persian

Date Correction

  • -3 Days
  • -2 Days
  • -1 Day
  • No correction
  • +1 Day
  • +2 Days
  • +3 Days

LockDate is appeared to be a cool tweak for many users, and the most interesting fact about the tweak is, LockDate is available for free in Cydia’s BigBoss Repository.

How To Hide Pictures In Photos Application On iPhone / iPad

by Hamza Tariq - on Apr 2nd 2012 - No Comments

Undoubtedly, Apple has well-developed the iOS operating system for the iPhone / iPad devices, but still there is a lot of room available for improvement in the overall iOS core functionality. The iOS Photos application is an example of well developed core application and well integrated in the iOS, but developers out there still believe that they can alternatively improve its overall performance on the users devices. There is a new tweak launched in Cydia dubbed as “Photo Enhancer” by greensnow, the new tweak is available to download from the Cydia’s default repository.

Photo Enhancer is a new tweak that allows you to supercharger your stock Photos application with the couple of extra new features that might not be provided by Apple in iOS. Beginnings with the ability to hide your images from photo albums in the stock Photos application of your device, and let you completely customize the look of images in the Photos application. You can customize the way in which images show on your Photos application by simply tapping the edit button, and then select the photos that you want to hide, and look for a new button in the left top button called “Hide,” after pressing the hide button, go to an album, this time you will notice that none of your selected images will appear.
hide images on iphone and ipad
There is a cool trick to bring them back, by following the steps again on your device, simply edit the album once again, and de-select the images, and press ok to unhide the pictures again. However, Photo Enhancer features doesn’t end here; the tweak also allows you to play with the Camera Roll (default album) position in the Photos application. Apple never allowed users to make changes in the Camera Roll, as per users are unable to play along with Camera Roll folder, because Apple treats it as a system folder on your device.  With the new Photo Enhancer, you can now drag down the position of Camera Roll folder to below and above any other album in your iPhone / iPad.

The Photo Enhancer is available in Cydia’s ModMyi Repository for free of cost, and able to provide you an additional security over your device Photos application.

No Update: Protects Your Device From iOS OTA Updates (Jailbreak Tweak)

by Hamza Tariq - on Mar 28th 2012 - No Comments

Updates to every software and hardware brings the latest interesting stuff to the original device and layout, and just like everything the iOS updates also bring new features, obstacles, restrictions, features and hurdles for the iOS hackers that prevent them from producing the successful jailbreak exploits to spoof iOS security. We all clearly know that iOS is the most securest operating system out there in public at the time, and Apple is actively working to make it more secure and powerful than other mobile operating systems available in a market on the open-source license. However, the iOS users love to jailbreak their devices to modify them according to their requirements and thanks to the pre-active developer’s community that bring latest features to the iOS platform day-after-day.

We have seen many users argue that they have accidentally updated their device to the latest firmware version without even knowing the pros and cons of the new update and now losses their jailbreak status and stuck on the stock iOS with their iPhone and iPad devices, and many of them start looking for such tricks that prevent their devices from accessing the network to check for the new updates. With the new iOS 5, Apple has introduced the over-the-air updates, and completely turns the iOS devices into PC-Free devices, as users no more needed to connect their devices to iTunes in order to update iOS firmware versions.

But the new OTA updates are more dangerous for the users who are using their devices on reliable baseband unlocks, and jailbreaks, as most of the users are not aware actually from these updates and to remove update banners from their home screen they press down the update iOS firmware version, and after the whole process knows that they have screwed their devices. However, to those users, we have today figured out a new jailbreak tweak called “No Update” that prevents your device from accessing the network to check OTA updates on your device, and spoof original device information to the Apple’s server, so they no more provide any iOS update on the user’s devices.

No Update is available in Cydia for free of cost, and you can download it directly on your device using the Cydia’s default repository of ModMyi. No Update is available in a repository for free of cost, and looks a handy tweak that helps you in preventing your device from accessing the OTA updates.