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How To Downgrade iPad 06.15.00 Baseband To 05.13.04 iPhone Baseband with Redsn0w

by Ankit Pandey - on Jul 31st 2012 - No Comments

Thanks to the iPhone dev team and MuscleNerd, now the users of iPhone 3G and 3gS can downgrade the baseband from 06.15.00 to the previous one, having full unlock and GPS support. It is welcome news since the launch of iOS 6 will help in making an extensive use of the device’s GPS capabilities. If you are looking for a reprieve from...

How to Install Cydia on iOS 6 Beta 1

by Ankit Pandey - on Jun 20th 2012 - No Comments

Thanks to the iPhone Dev Team, you can now easily jailbreak the new iOS 6 Beta 1 firmware. However, it being a new generation firmware, a lot of things have been broken on it which includes Cydia. Using Redsn0w one can jailbreak the iOS 6 Beta 1, but he will be getting only the SSH and the afc2 support. But there is one important advantage...

How To Arrange App Icons On iPhone / iPad Without Using Wiggle Mode

by Hamza Tariq - on Apr 30th 2012 - 1 Comment

Normally, in iOS, we used to press the Apps Icons from Springboards to enter in the wiggling mode, and then we can change their location, and page on our iPhone and iPad, but what about changing the location of the app icons without entering the device springboard in wiggling mode? Undoubtedly, the idea is pretty cool, but have few bad sides...

Stride Let’s You Draw Something To Unlock Your iPhone / iPod Touch

by Hamza Tariq - on Apr 11th 2012 - 1 Comment

Are you bored with the traditional iOS lock screen slide-to-unlock or PIN code design? If yes, here we have a totally new jailbreak tweak with a name of Stirde from a brilliant jailbreak developer and designer Adam Bell. Stride allows you to unlock your iPhone using the well-designed an 8-bit styled drawing for lock screen, and other security purposes that integrate the default iOS boring passcode option inside it to make it more powerful.

Stride is definitely a worth checking jailbreak tweak, which immediately going to impress yourself with its cool designed 8-bit drawing security screen and the concept from the excellent jailbreak developer. It automatically represents the highly calculated design behind the worth checking jailbreak tweak. Stride allows you to unlock your iPhone, iPod Touch in a really sweet way. To add more into it, Stride features straight to the point mentions in the settings’ panel, through which you can enable and configure it for your custom drawn pattern on your device.

Stride powers a slider to enable or disable the tweak, and Skip PIN entry, and change your password. The change your password option will bring a window to your iPhone screen and allows you to draw your own 8-bit pattern on your device, once you confirmed the pattern, then you will be able to use it as a your default lock screen. On lock screen it will prompt pattern with title “Draw Something” simply draw your configured pattern on the lock screen, and open your device.

If you are worried about your iOS security with this jailbreak tweak, then let me clear you that it works perfect with the iOS lock screen and PIN code lock, as it allows you to whether skip or not the PIN entry screen on your device while in the enabled mode.

Stride is an amazing jailbreak tweak that reflect mind-blowing graphics on the iOS devices, but seem to be a bit a premium with its $2 price tag. Well, we recommend you to have a look at the tweak; the tweak is much more worth checking if you are bored with old-fashioned and revised look tweaks in Cydia.

Fusion Lets You Integrate Facebook In iOS Like Twitter Is On iOS

by Hamza Tariq - on Apr 9th 2012 - No Comments

We have already received the tightly integration of Twitter into iOS, with the launch of last year latest iOS 5, but still there are lot of iOS users who don’t like to use the Twitter and have a great community over the Facebook, and want something for their Facebook buddies.  However, for those users now we have a new tweak in Cydia Store that will bring the Facebook integration into the iOS exactly similar to the Twitter integration into iOS.

Fusion –  is a new jailbreak tweak, recently launched in Cydia Store with an ability to integrate Facebook, Foursquare, and even the dead MySpace into the default iOS composition pane, and allows you to use the pane exactly as you use for Twitter to post new tweets. Now you would be able to post new updates to Facebook, and share info on Foursquare, using the same composition pane on your iPhone / iPad. The tweak doesn’t end here; it also allows you to use the same social integration even with the Siri, you can even use Siri to compose and post messages on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare with this new tweak.

Facebook Integration Into iOS (iPhone) Makes Possible With Fusion

One of the great things about Fusion is you don’t need to learn any new thing to use it on your device; you can reach your social circles using the old and default methods which you use for Twitter on iOS devices. You won’t have to set any new thing to make it work on your device.
We know a lot of users are desperately waiting for Apple to integrate the Facebook into iOS, but it seems that Apple is not going to give a chance to Facebook, after their little mess with the Ping and Facebook integration. However, the Fusion has just filled the space, and introduced what users want on their devices, now users won’t have to wait any more to see Apple and Facebook decisions for the iOS integration.

Fusion is available to download, and it is available to purchase from Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Fusion comes with a little price tag of $2, but we guess it is enough for this kind of deep integration of social networks on iOS.

Curiosa Brings Push Notification To Cydia Tweaks Update On iPhone / iPad

by Hamza Tariq - on Apr 9th 2012 - No Comments

Many of you may curious to know about an upcoming tweak from the famous Cydia tweak developer, Ryan Petrich. He has finally released a new tweak in his beta repository, which is capable of bringing latest Cydia tweaks update to your devices through the iOS 5 notification center, and supports the iOS banner notification, so you would never miss any update of your favorite Cydia tweak and application in Cydia Store.

Curiosa is a new jailbreak tweak launched by Ryan’s in his public beta repository, and it is available to download for you guys. Curiosa brings the push notification service to Cydia Store updates, and brings all the latest updates to your device iOS notification center within seconds, and surely eliminates the process and wait for refreshing the Cydia’s repositories on every launch of Cydia on your device to get latest updates of your favorite tweaks.


Curiosa is come with pure integration into the iOS notification system, and supports all kinds of banner alerts, and works great with other installed tweaks on your device, such as Aloud. We have tested it on our device; it worked great, as Curiosa brings the simple banner push notification and Aloud converts it into speaking notification for us.

The tweak is also come up with full control on its working, as it mostly works in the background, and for surely it will drain your device battery, as it randomly accesses the Cydia Servers to check for the notifications and updates. But the given setting panels, allow you to modify it according to your needs, as you want it to work on your device. It also brings the notification updates on a filter basis means; you can assign your own custom keyword to bring the push notification on your device.

Curiosa is currently in the beta testing, and it is available for free in Ryan’s official public beta repository, if you have not added his repository, then you can add this link in your Cydia to be able to download this new tweak on your device: