Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

CutYourSim Discontinued iPhone 4 Remote IMEI Carrier Unlocking

Earlier this week have informed you that Apple has start investigation against the people who are providing Remote IMEI Carrier unlocking of iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS and almost trace down the people or employes who were involve in this and providing iPhone 4 IMEI unlocking secretly. We have also hear from one of our source that Apple has fixed the hole of their system through which some employes providing iPhone unlock to users, later we came to know that Apple has kicked out those employees who were involved in this, just because of this many companies has pause their services who are providing iPhone 4 / 3GS Remote IMEI unlocking.

CutYourSim is one of those companies who pause their services of iPhone 4 unlocking just because of the Apple crack down, and now today early in the morning they come up with the news that they are not providing iPhone 4 unlock service anymore and already start giving back money to those users who pays them for unlock but didn’t get.

Today we have decided discontinue the service we offered for remotely unlocking any iPhone. For the customers who already paid, and received their unlocks a few days ago, they do not need to do anything because they made the cutoff for our service. All customers who paid via PayPal or Google Checkout will be refunded. Due to the high number of orders we had, please allow some time before receiving your cancellations/refunds.

So guys, don’t go with those websites who claims that they can provide you iPhone baseband unlock through Remote IMEI unlock process.