Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

Custom commands with SIRI: From Changing Channels to Control Lights

Apple has a vision for the future of technology and anticipation of what it customers might be expecting from it to take its products to a next level. It was not long ago that Apple came up with this chic app called Siri with its latest iPhone 4S. Since then the app has caught the attention of the customers, prospective buyers and most of all the hackers. We have seen Siri being out to a number of uses including starting and locking a car as well as controlling the temperature of your house. Seems like we are heading to a future where you might be able to control each and every function you need to perform at your fingertips. The latest hack comes from a Vimeo user toddtreece who has demonstrated how you can use Siri as an alternative to your TV remote.

Quite some time back we came across a hack that allowed users to give custom commands through Siri with the help of a proxy server. The hacker in this case has used the same SiriProxy to add functionality and give custom commands to your television through the Siri app along with the Plex command line interface where you can the commands. You can activate the microphone in front of the iPhone 4S and request Siri to change to a particular channel by providing its name or channel number. In case you are tired or unable to find anything interesting to watch you can ask it to switch off the television. Before taking to your required channel it tells you about the current program that is running on the particular channel. It gives feedback about the program and asks you in turn whether or not you would like to visit the channel. The interactivity and ease with which you can do all tasks using your phone is commendable.

Siri is currently in Beta stage and a lot more work is being done on it to explore the new possibilities with it. Steve often talked about such interface that would help you browse your favorite channels by talking to your remote rather than tapping it. We might have to wait a little longer till the hack officially becomes the part of the iPhone 4S but till then we will give more time to the enthusiastic iPhone hackers to expand the possibilities with Siri. The rumors are already there that Apple will be launching its Siri controlled TV sets soon. What is left to be seen is how differently that would work from Trod Treeceā€™s hack.