Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

Crazy Blog: Apple iTV OLED With Siri Integration To Launch In April / May

Whenever a new future device from Apple is rumored by the publication, the side-going blogs and sources start producing crazy stuff on their platform from their minds to get their self-high in the town. However, most of them won’t see even a light of day due to their all time failed claims on the arrival of the device. This time all the publications bit active on the iPad 3 launch and to hear more about the Apple’s secretive project called iTV. Here I must say, blogosphere is the most craziest platform to start a rumor. As the latest report, comes from the TechnoBuffalo regarding the launch of Apple’s iTV that is said to be powered with Siri and other revolutionary features.

The folks over TechnoBuffalo seem to be gone crazy with the clueless claim of their heavily familiar source in the big electronic retail stores which claim that Apple is about to launch its most secretive product, Apple’s iTV – OLED TV with Siri integration, sometime soon in April or May. While the publication was also not clear with its source claim on the launch date of the device. They claimed to the readers that their source has seen a sleek branded Apple’s iTV prototype with the Siri-enabled assistant and the sensors on the device which sense the heat of objects around the device for the turn on/off feature on the device. However, all the claims seem to be hoax as all the big publications quickly reported right after the TechnoBuffalo report.

It is really hard to trust at TechnoBuffalo source at the time, as the other sources clearly said they have not received any update regarding the launch of any such device, and as well as no one of use either heard about the such big device announcement any soon. According to the past moves of Apple, the Cupertino does not like to launch their big products together, and therefore they delayed the launch of iPad. The rest of the sources are currently only reporting about the launch of iPad 3 in the starting week of March, and the second aspect, if any such device is about to launch really soon, then for surely it might have to be entered in the production zone, but until now, we have not received any update from the sources about the beginning of such a product manufacturing.