Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Convert Your iPhone or iPad As Trackpad For Mac or Windows

While there are hundreds of different applications are available in the App Store to bring the mouse / trackpad functionality to your iOS device for the Mac or Windows Workstation. A wide range of applications available there to work with your devices over the Wi-Fi network using the advance network protocols to allow you remotely control your computer workstation through your iOS devices. However, at the moment there are very fewer amounts of applications available in the App Store with gorgeous new Retina display graphics for the new iPad, and especially with this kind of feature on latest iPad.

While RPA Technology quickly takes the advantage of less Retina-enabled apps in the App Store, and quickly updates its application with new Retina-enabled images for the new-generation iPad. Mobile Mouse app is now available in the App Store with version 2.1. With the new Retina display graphics, and new UI layout to the application, you can easily turn your iPad into oversized multi-touch trackpad and remote control mouse for your Windows & Mac workstation. The best feature of the application is it connects over the Wi-Fi network, and allows you to widely control your device without any kind of bug in the control to your workstation device.


This kind of applications works well, and needed when you have to connect your device to a projector or greater screen to share some kind of visual content to the other folks. Normally, I use this kind of applications when I have to connect my device with Plasma TV to watch movies on the larger screen, and to avoid buggy wireless mouse connections to my device. Mobile Mouse like applications helps a lot to control your device remotely. There are the numbers of new features that the new Mobile Mouse app carries along Retina-enabled images:

– File Browser
– Programmable hotkeys (can be set to run a program or keyboard combination)
– Scroll pad
– Left and Right mouse buttons
– Multi-touch gestures (two finger scroll, two finger tap, swipe left/right with 4 fingers, swipe up/down with 4 fingers, pinch with 4 fingers, spread 4 fingers, three finger drag, three finger tap, double tap three fingers, double tap two fingers)
– Password protection
– High-resolution graphics for Retina display on the new iPad
– Available for iPhone, iPod, and Android


When you download the iPad version ($2.99), or the iPhone version ($1.99), all you need to do is obtain the free supplementary Mobile Mouse Server application for Mac, PC, or Linux.