Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Control Your Volume Straight From The SpringBoard – SBVolume

According to iPhoneItalia, TweakWeek has started in which many new tweaks will be kicked out and this the first one.. In the TweakWeeks free applications will be released and one after 24 hours (Strange).

This tweak allows you to change the volume from your SpringBoard, without using the physical buttons. Two icons will be spreaded on the SpringBoard, above the dock – the decreasing one at the Left and the increasing one at the Right. You will be able to touch and increase -decrease the volume respectively.

This tweak is created by the creator of Activator named Ryan Petrich with his repository ( ). He is the first one to kick out the tweak in the TweakWeek.

You can download this tweak from this repository of Andrea Oliva ( ).