Sun. Jun 20th, 2021

Control Ringer & Behaviour Of Calls With RingerX VIP (Cydia Tweak)

Maybe many of you may miss their important calls on their phone just because of their tightened work schedule or just because they forget to change their ringer of phone from silent to general. Including me, many of you may have experienced this issue on their daily lives when they are struck with their meetings and someone really close calls you and you may miss that. However, many developers around different platforms have introduced couple of methods to sort this problem.

Most recently we come across to know about a new tweak land in Cydia with the name of RingerX VIP, which aims to provide you some addition powerful options on your iPhone to modify the ringer for each group or individual contact on your iPhone. It easily helps you in preventing the above discussed issue, and allows you to declare some contacts with always general (Profile) options on your iPhone.  RingerX VIP allows you to configure each individual contact and allows you to treat the contact with different settings. With this tweak you can set different ringtone, vibrate settings to every single contact. As well as, this tweak allows you to set the SMS messages notification alerts on different contacts.

You can simply select a silent, mute, ringer or always vibrate mode to any of your single contact, while all the other contacts may selected under different ringers. The tweak is a complete package, which you may need in your daily life. The RingerX VIP is also compatible with other tweaks like CallBar, and provides cool integration with that tweak. The tweak also adds a dedicated panel in the Settings app of your iPhone where you can set general settings of the tweak, and allows you to simply toggle on or off the tweak with single tap.