Sat. May 21st, 2022

ContactPrivacy Warns You When Some App Access Your Address Book

Yesterday evening we came across to know that a rising application in the iOS platform is secretly accessing the complete user’s Address Book and uploads it to their servers under the term of providing efficient updates on the joining of your loving ones to the service. However, the issue is still under the preview as the company and team behind Path quickly start working on something else to sort out this issue. After the last night issue, many users started talking on the social platforms, and some led the talk to a drawback of iOS, which doesn’t inform a user when some app access the address book like confidential information.

However, the jailbreak tweak developer Ryan Petrich comes up with the decision to fix the users called a drawback of iOS with its own created a simple cydia tweak which informs the user with a notification when some app try to access contact data or made any change into it. Petrich has released the tweak in Cydia for free of cost with name of “ContactPrivacy”, and the tweak is a self called; you won’t have to set or configure anything to make it work on your device. The notification carries a simple button on it to revoke any app access to Address Book with a simple tap, but Ryan Petrich warned users about his tweak that it won’t work with all kind of applications to revoke their access to simple Address Book.

Well, we believe it’s a friendly warning for a user to let you know which app of your device is making buzz on your device and trying to access your confidential data under your nose. With the quick tweak updates from Jailbreak community, once again we can say that jailbreak community is pretty active than Apple in order to protect iOS users.

ContactPrivacy is pretty simple, and doesn’t add any new icon on your device even doesn’t add any setting toggle in your device The tweak will inform you whenever any app of your device tries to access your Address Book data with a simple iOS flavored notification on your device screen.