Sun. Jun 20th, 2021

Conceptual iPhone 5 Rumor Round Up With Expected Features

Apple might have not even thought about iPhone 5 yet. But speculation and features are being predicted by Crazy fans from all around the world. Some speculations and old news can be found here. The launch date for iPhone 5 is rumored for September. Still now confirmation by Apple. Some crazy fans of iPhone from NoWhereElse have already created cool info-graphics that showcases the conceptual look of iphone 5 and the possible features that the iPhone 5 might have.

According to sources the iPhone 5 would feature a Brushed metal chassis instead of the glass backing that the iPhone 4 has. Some other features are a 4-inch large display, an A5 processor, higher-resolution camera, 3D support, and an NFC chip.

The Design is fully Unpredictable and it could be the same design with a metal chassis instead of the glass backing or it could have completely New look and could also be Inspired by the iPad 2 with Reduced Thickness and a Metallic Back side as you can see below:

This type of design is already expected before and it is applied on iPod 4. So we think that Apple will come up with some thing new design which will astonish all of its competitors.

Below mentioned are mentioned some Expected features which can be ported to iPhone 5 and make it look good.


Physical home button cannot be present, but a virtual home button can be expected.

Resolution will obviously be better than iPhone 4.

HD video recording is currently present in iPhone 4 and iPod 4. A better camera is expected, with higher resolution.



These are the features which can be expected by iPhone 5. The main feature which was and still Missing is Blue Tooth Compatibility. It was never worked on by Apple in it’s previous deices and we hope that Apple works on this issue in it’s iOS 5 or iPhone 5.

If you want to add any more features, so feel free to comment below.