Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

Comex To Release iPad 2 Jailbreak Until Next Wednesday, June 22 ?

In this week, we came across to many iPad 2 Jailbreak news, but not the solid one on which users become happy, two days ago some group of users claim that they have got the tweet of the jailbreak hacker, Comex, on which he published the teaser image of iPad 2 jailbreak, but unfortunately some time later we got words that the pictures showed up by the user was proven faked, and there is no such like announcement made by the hacker. But now today again, we hinted with the same news on which hacker shows the possibility of releasing iPad 2 Jailbreak before the Wednesday of the next week. This time we have the link to the tweet of Comex and believe that he will fulfill the wishes of his followers.

In the tweet hacker clearly suggests that they Twitter is not the secure platform to talk in detail about the jailbreak, and its release date because whenever they give in date, and then failed to provide the  jailbreak on the specific date they got insulted by the users who were waiting for the jailbreak, but on the other hand he also said that he will try to release the jailbreak before the Wednesday.


Comex iPad 2 jailbreak exploit is based on the JailbreakMe.Com PDF exploit on which the exploit lands on the device and execute the userland exploit, there would also be a chances of that he may be surprise the users with the “Sunday is Funday” term and release the jailbreak tomorrow, June 19.