Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Comcast Start Rolling Out “AnyPlay” Live TV Streaming For iPad

Last in September, we have reported about the leak document comes from cable and internet provider in the US that they are planning launch a new service for iPad users which brings the live television streaming to iPad, named “AnyPlay”.  The company has today finally announced its new service to users which allows them to stream live television programs on their iPad, while Comcast is not the first cable provider in the community who managed to broadcast the content on iPad. Comcast is pretty late in bringing such technology in US to its customer, and now can only get the benefit from its large number of customers’ database in the US.

Comcast has today announced through its channel that they are now started pushing the new “AnyPlay” streaming service to the users in Denver and Nashville. The company has as well shown up its future planning of rolling out the same service for other vendor tablets by clearly tagging the Motorola Xoom in the announcement.

According to the document issued by Comcast, the new service for iPad users can be directly accessed by the existing available company application in the App Store named Xfinity TV for iPad, which is already booming on the customers’ devices, and providing hours of on-demand videos and TV shows to customers for both in-house and outside on go viewing means on the device.