Sat. Sep 18th, 2021

Color Monkey Shows Up What They Have In Mind About iOS 5 – [VIDEO]

Every third fan of Apple knows that Apple going to unveil its next generation iOS operating system for iOS devices on Monday at World Wide Developers Conference, and this weekend is quite full of news about the upcoming iOS operating system. We have already got different rumors from several sources about the changes of iOS 5, and most attracting news about iOS 5 is to have new dashboard with widgets, we have already heard about others too, like Voice recognition, new concept of Push Notifications and also have a deep integration of Twitter in iOS 5.

In last some days, we have got a video which early describes the layout and work of new dashboard containing widgets and people have strong feelings about them and now today another concept of iOS 5 dashboard hits the web from the Sweden based design firm “Color Monkey”. So now without wasting any more time check out the video and know what they would like to see in futures of iOS 5.


[via iDB]