Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Command Line Interface (CLI) Released By iPhone Dev Team To Pwn A5 Devices

Today’s morning turned out to be a good day for the iPhone4S and iPad 2 users on iOS 5 and 5.0.1 as the untethered jailbreak poped out  by the Chronic Dev Team. The tool is as new as the jailbreak for A5 devices. The Absinthe gets in to your A5 device and then the next operation is on your A5 device. The Window and Linux user are in the line for the release of Absinthe as it is only released for Mac OS X. The server is completely loaded from the morning and still is but as reported before the release of Absinthe, the iPhone Dev Team was also in the Dream Team and following the heavy release of Absinthe they have released Command Line Interface (CLI) to jailbreak the A5 devices which are the iPhone 4S and iPad 2.

It wasn’t an easy job to jailbreak the iDevices via Command Line Interface (CLI) as reported by the users who used it, The bad news actually is that this is too released for the Mac OS X users and the Window, Linux users are in the line. MuscleNerd has posted the commands and every information about to jailbreak via the CLI and it is as follow

Corona injector CLI
Copyright (C) 2011-2012 by iPhone Dev Team 
With exploit work by: @pod2g, @planetbeing, @saurik, @pimskeks, @p0sixninja, @MuscleNerd, and @xvolks


  Configuration profiles:
    -l             List current profiles
    -i <file>      Install profile
    -r [<pattern>] Remove all profiles, or profiles matching pattern

  AFC transfers:
    -a <number>    Alternative afc service to use (2 is available after jailbreak)
    -u <file> ...  Upload file(s) via afc (add final "dir=dirname" to specify which afc directory)
    -d [<dir>]     Show list of files in afc directory
    -X <path>      Delete afc directory or file

  ROP assistance:
    -s             Compute slide
    -e             Erase existing crash logs
    -g             Get diagnostics

  Backups and restores:
    -B             Create backup
    -R             Restore from backup
    -L <mbdb_file> List contents of an MBDB file
    -M <file>      Modify the ipsec.plist on device
    -p <file>      Modify the preferences.plist (requires -f too)
    -f <file>      File to use with -p
    -H             Hide media files
    -U             Unhide media files

  Chained operations:
    -j <dir>       Jailbreak device using given payloads directory (ADVANCED use only!)

    -v <level>     Debug verbosity level
    -h             This help message

% cinject -s
   DEVICE: iPad2,1
   OS:     9A405
   PIDLEN: 3
   SLIDE:  0x4a1000

% cinject -d

% cinject -v 2 -H
Hiding media...
Books -> HackStore/Books
DCIM -> HackStore/DCIM
Downloads -> HackStore/Downloads
PhotoData -> HackStore/PhotoData
Photos -> HackStore/Photos
Purchases -> HackStore/Purchases
Recordings -> HackStore/Recordings -> HackStore/

% cinject -d

% cinject -v 2 -U
HackStore/Books -> ./Books
HackStore/DCIM -> ./DCIM
HackStore/Downloads -> ./Downloads
HackStore/PhotoData -> ./PhotoData
HackStore/Photos -> ./Photos
HackStore/Purchases -> ./Purchases
HackStore/Recordings -> ./Recordings
HackStore/ -> ./

% cinject -j payloads

Be sure you've already installed payloads/jailbreak.mobileconfig using
the -i option!  (Do so with device unlocked and approve the install request.)

Finding slide...
Generating ROP...
ROP was generated
Uploaded corona/payload
Uploaded corona/payload-vars
Uploaded corona/racoon-exploit.conf
Uploaded corona/vnimage.clean
Uploaded corona/vnimage.overflow
Uploaded corona/vnimage.payload
Uploaded corona/racoon-exploit-bootstrap.conf
Uploaded corona/jailbreak
Uploaded corona/jb.plist
Creating backup...
87 files backed up
Adding custom to backup
1 files restored
Please toggle VPN on and watch syslog for "pod2g is in da house!"

Download Command Line Interface for Mac OS X from here.

As reported by users this take a lot of time same as the Absinthe is taking actually Absinthe is taking aorund 9 to 10 minutes to jailbreak the A5 devices. We are reminding you again that its not an easy process to on its the ‘Command” thingie and you may stuck on it rather crash everything .So stay tuned.