Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

Chronic Dev Team is Working on iPad 2 Jailbreak not on iPhone 4 Baseband Unlock (Confirmed)

Recently we reported that possibilities is shown that Chronic Dev team is working on iPhone 4 baseband unlock, and about the huge surprise change from Chronic Dev team, Last night Veence, a guy on twitter, who was much involved with Dev-Team’s said us that we photoshoped the proofs, but after proofing him that we are right and we got correct proofs, we asked P0sixninja to clarify the issue, so today he tweeted and reveal all the news about the Huge surprise from Chronic Dev Team.

p0sixninja said:

To clear things up, the hash I posted a few days ago wasn’t unlock related, it was iPad2 jailbreak related


According to the tweet it’s clear that they are working on iPad 2 jailbreak and got some achievement in the jailbreak exploit and they are not on iPhone 4 baseband unlock. So guys, the mystery behind the HUGE surprise from Chronic Dev team is no more exists. May be this is bad news for those users who relies on iPhone 4 baseband unlock.