Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

A Chinese Food Company Accused Over Copying Logo By Apple (Report)

We know that China is good at faking things. Previously China was on the hit list for the Fake Apple Stores and smuggling of iPad,iPhone and iPod illegally in China. This time the story is different. This time the story is not about any iDevice or any smuggling case spotted in China.

This time Apple has accused a Chinese Company (which makes Food and Flour) over the Logo. Apple claims that the company has copied the logo of Apple.

Above is the logo of the company called Sichuan Fangguo Food and Apple. The logo of the company is on Left and Apple is on Right.

The report published ongochengdoo states that today Apple claimed the Chinese company over the logo infringement. Where as the CEO of the Restaurant Zhao Yi’s says:

“There’s a leaf so you can tell it’s an apple, but it also contains two Chinese characters. … The orientation is also different, and ours is a totally different shape “

He also added that:

“When I started Fangguo, I had never even heard of Apple.”

The company received the letter on 19th July from Beijing Zhucheng Law on behalf of Apple, which notified them about the issue of the Logo they got. The letter had two complaints in it:

First, the resemblance of Fangguo’s logo to Apple’s. The latter company is known as “Pingguo” in Chinese; the two names feature the same second character, ?/guo, which refers to fruit.

The real dispute starts here. The Sichuan Fangguo Company Applied for the logo for 16 different product categories, which includes notebook computers and electronic-game software, Apple is already registered in these categories. The  Beijing Zhucheng Law also claims that Apple only wants the company to remove the leaf from the Logo. After the company has removed the logo, they can proceed on with their trademarks for technology and so on. Once the leaf is removed the dispute will be solved.

Now Zhao Yi says:

“I’m Fangguo, it’s a fruit, if the leaf is removed, it’ll just look like a bomb.” He added, “Anyway, the law firm who sent the letter hasn’t contacted me since they sent it.”

He also added that:

The Fangguo logo was created by a Beijing-based design company in the 1980s. At that time, it belonged to a state-run Nanchong company. Zhao transferred the logo to his name in 1997.

How ever Zhao has created about 1,000 questionnaires for the attendees of Fourth China Trademark Convention, which opens today, over the dispute of logo that whether the Fangguo and Apple logo resembles or not.

The logo seems to be somewhat similar to LG logo. What are your thoughts about it?