Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Chinese Custom Says To Ban On iPad Is Not Easy

A day ago we have reported you on the Apple and Proview ongoings dispute claims on the “iPad” moniker use in the China, and the Proview Technology sued the Apple and seeking for huge money from Apple on iPad moniker usage in the country wide. Proview Technology sued Apple in both China and United States, and recently it was reported that Proview Technology along with their ongoing dispute with Apple, pressurizes Chinese’s custom firms to hold the import and export on iPads.

Proview Technology also started suing the Chinese retailers to stop offering the iPad devices in the country, and as well as seeking a complete ban nation-wide on the import and export of the device in all over China. As we know, the iPad business actually starts from China, as the devices are being produced by the Chinese own big manufacturer Foxconn.  On this matter, a new report today surfaces that Chinese Custom reports Proview Technology it is really hard to put a such massive ban on the import and export of the device. Chinese Custom says to Proview Technology that  Apple has such a big ground in the market and many users wanted their device on their hands and therefore, at the moment it is not possible to ban the import and export of the device.

Apple has not yet updated media with their statement on the matter, in the early days of this lawsuit we have heard from the Apple lawyer that Apple INC had purchased these rights from Proview Technology many years back, and they have also registered this term in 30 different countries world-wide. Apple says Proview Technology is disrespecting their agreement on the “iPad” moniker, and they are the real owners of the “iPad” term in the China and as well as in the world.