Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

China Unicom To Be The First To Offer iPhone 4S In China

As we all know, Apple has already trying to meet with the demands of the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 in the main countries and after the two weeks of the iPhone 4S launch they have finally start the pre-orders of the iPhone 4S in further 22 countries but still lefts out the China due to high demand. As the company has announces in the past that China is one of the biggest land to expand their network. China still has a huge demand of iPhone 4 and there also a hype of iPhone 4S, which Apple has launched last week.  Previously it is reported that Apple is selling iPhone 4S crazy in Hong Kong.

It appears that China Unicom the one of the biggest carrier of the land is on the air to get the iPhone 4S first from the Apple to start selling in the land, as the Unicom got iPhone 3GS back in September 2009, and almost every of their customer is stuck with two years contract and now most of the contracts going to be end, so it’s must that they will argue to get an iPhone 4S for their customers and to become the first carrier in the land who sales iPhone 4S. The carrier has also cut the price of iPhone 4 ahead the launch of iPhone 4S to clear up their inventory for the latest iPhone model from Apple.


According to the sources of China Unicom, they have already received the handsets from the Apple and now they can start the testing phase of the device with their network infrastructure. Also the source claimed that the company had already submitted the network license request to Government for the Apple’s iPhone 4S. The company insiders believe if the things goes well than they will be the first to offer the iPhone 4S in Mainland China. The iPhone 4S will be available in China before the end of the year.

In terms of the other two carriers, China Mobile and China Telecom, both companies still haven’t have contact with Apple about importing iPhone 4S.