Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

China Unicom, Telecom and China Mobile To Sell iPhone 5 This Year

So finally again iPhone 5 reports are start circulating around the web, reported that Chinese Mobile networks going to sell the Apple’s next generation iPhone 5 this year as early as in this quarter of the year. It is reported that both China Unicom and China Telecom to provide iPhone 5 exclusively to their subscriber in this quarter, where China Mobile will lately follow them and start offering iPhone 5. The deep detail about the report was revealed by the research not of Chinese market firm analyst Caxin “Both China Telecom Corp. and China Unicom are expected to sell the “new iPhone model… as early as the third quarter of the year,”


An unidentified person familiar with this news claimed that China’s massive mobile carrier will not exclusively offer iPhone 5 in the country, also he reports that fifth generation iPhone will be launch in U.S and China both in the third quarter of the year, which indirectly means to the September launch. The report suggests that iPhone 5 will firstly offer by China Unicom and China Telecom than later this year China Mobile will release iPhone 5.


On other hand we have seen many rumors report which suggests that China Mobile to release Apple’s fifth generation iPhone in September, and it is also reported that Tim Cook visits the head quarter of China Mobile in last few months for discussing the launch of iPhone 5. While combining other rival carriers, we learn China Mobile is the biggest carrier of the World with 611 million wireless subscriptions.