Fri. May 27th, 2022

China Unicom Drops iPhone 4 16/32 GB Model For iPhone 4S

China Unicom the world’s third largest carrier and one of the main backbones of Apple’s iPhone sales in China’s mainland, has decided to drop both 16/32 GB iPhone 4 model ahead of the iPhone 4 8GB model launch later this month on the network. The network also predicted to get an iPhone 4S at least by the end of year. The iPhone 4S launch on China Unicom is pending due to approval of device usage on the network by the Chinese Government, reportedly the carrier will get an iPhone 4S by the end of this year.

Apple always points China as the most worth place for their iPhone’s sales, as the company has announced several times in the past that they are doing some more efforts for their Chinese folks. Thhe report comes from the carrier’s general manager Lu Yimin, who recently visited the Apple’s Cupertino, California headquarters to finish up the deal between carrier and Apple to finally hit the government with proper documentary.

China Unicom’s deputy director of research recently confirmed a next-gen iPhone with HSPA+ capabilities (21Mbps) during a keynote at Macworld Asia 2011. Besides China Unicom, other largest carriers of the China’s mainland also trying to fix their deal with Apple to get their hands on the latest iPhone 4 8GB model and iPhone 4S for their customers.  The country is an “enormous opportunity” for Apple, CEO Tim Cook told analysts on a conference call. Apple operates massive outlets in Hong Kong and Shanghai and pledged to build at least 25 additional stores in China within the next few years. In all, Apple in fiscal 2012 will open 40 new outlet’s worldwide, 75 percent outside the United States.