Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

China Telecom To Start Pre-Orders OF iPhone 5 By The End Of September

Till now we have heard that T-Mobile in Germany has start taking pre-orders of Apple’s next generation iPhone 5, while Apple has yet to announce anything about the highly awaited iPhone 5, but things does not stop happening couple of carriers has start begun their advertising campaigns and spending lot of their money on iPhone 5 launch. China Telecom is the latest carrier in our eye who has begin the preparation for Apple’s iPhone 5 device, and according to the report will begun taking pre-orders in all over china by the end of this month (September). It is reported by the local sources of China that the third largest carrier of the land has already start advertising of Apple’s iPhone 5.

China Telecom is now move up their rank from the third biggest carrier of the state to second number, also China Telecom is the biggest CDMA network of the World. A local source has also reported that China Telecom has spent more than 1.5 billion yuan (around $234.5 million) in only marketing of iPhone 5 in country, the company has already give up a name to the iPhone 5 launch as “Dragon Plan” and start gearing up local carrier branches with handset arrival stuff just like posters, and etc. The carrier has also been reported to start training of branches employees regarding iPhone 5.


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