Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

China Telecom To Expand iPhone To 106 Million Users By End Of Year

A new report comes out from the sources of Reuters that claims China’s second largest Telecom network is in deep talk with Apple for distribution of current and new iPhone in China, currently there was only one telecom company named China Unicom providing iPhone in China, So the addition of more networks for iPhone distribution like China Telecom which has 106 million subscriber helps Apple to expand their reach in the biggest country of the world. We have already seen many times Apple COO Tim Cook in China for future plan talks with Chinese Telecommunication Networks, the report from Reuters says, this thing is currently under talk but it is expected to come out this year.


It is also reported that not only second largest telecom company in talk to get hands on Apple iOS devices, also the third biggest telecom of the country is also in talk with Apple to get its current and future iOS devices to distribute in the country.