Tue. Jan 25th, 2022

China Telecom Is In Touch with Apple To Get CDMA iPhone 4 / 4S

Yesterday we got news about the next CDMA iPhone which says that future CDMA iPhone 4 will be a World iPhone and will release with GSM iPhone, it means no delay for CDMA version. Today Reuters reported that China Telecom, the countries smallest mobile operator is “in touch” with Apple about the CDMA iPhone, which was only this time available from Verizon in the United States.


China Telecom Corp Ltd, the smallest of the country’s three wireless carriers, has contacted Apple Inc to introduce the popular iPhone based on CDMA (code division multiple access) technology, Chairman Wang Xiaochu said on Friday.

“We’re not denying that we’re in touch with iPhone (Apple), but I cannot comment on the progress,” Wang told reporters after a shareholders’ meeting.

We have also hears that Apple and China Mobile has same interest in providing 4G to iPhone in China, and already doing discussion about it, also China Telecom is revamping their CDMA infrastructure to get CDMA iPhone 4 for their customers, no more details revealed by Reuters in report.