Wed. Apr 14th, 2021

China Telecom Start Offering iPhone 4S With Initial 200,000 Pre-Orders

Following the recent reports from the China regarding the partnership of China Telecom and Apple on the officially providing the Apple’s main device in the country. The China Telecom has finally launched the iPhone 4S on their carrier, and becomes the second carrier of the China’s mainland with offering iPhone 4S on the network conventionally, while on the other hand, there is also a carrier available in the country with non-official 1 million iPhone 4S. However, the China Telecom is also a biggest carrier with carrying more than 129 million mobile subscriber to their CDMA network, and as well as the new partnership with China Telecom brings more CDMA iPhone 4S users on the Apple’s board world-wide.

China Telecom iPhone 4S

The report suggests that the China Telecom has already received a warm welcome from the country folks who are waiting for the device, it is reported that China Telecom has just received more than 200,000 pre-orders for the device on their network, while the CDMA iPhone 4S on the network is less effective than the GSM network. The iPhone 4S on China Telecom will come with same terms and limitations as the Verizon iPhone 4S have, however, it will greet users with some more downsides on their network, as the carrier is not fully compatible with the 3G model of iPhone 4S.

It appears that the China Telecom users will be missed out the jailbreak chance, as the device is reportedly coming with pre-installed iOS 5.1 on the devices, and will also lack in voice and data support on the network. In addition to the China Telecom iPhone 4S, it is suggested that a device will carry some kind of addition UIM card, means requires some advanced techie users to use the iPhone 4S.

China Telecom has also announced its pricing plans for the iPhone 4S, and it appears that China Telecom users will be going to enjoy the device on the network. China Telecom reportedly offering a variety of different monthly pricing plans for the iPhone 4S, with the 16-GB model being offered for free on the plans as low as 389 yuan ($63) per month with two-year contract.