Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

China Telecom Confirmed iPhone 4S Launch By Late February

Following the ongoing reports from China regarding the launch of iPhone 4S on the lands third biggest network, China Telecom. The network has finally come in front of the media and clears that they will start selling iPhone 4S devices from late February.  The network was firstly rumored by the Marbridge Consulting on the launch of iPhone 4S with their network, but later they revealed theirs latest deal with Apple on launch of iPhone 4S on their CDMA network. China Daily reports that China Telecom has confirmed them the plan of iPhone 4S CDMA launch on their network in late February.

As many of you may know, the iPhone 4S is the world-phone, means it to carry dual baseband Qualcomm chips that allow its hardware to act like both CDMA and GSM depends on the user’s choice, and therefore, the network requires the regulatory approvals for the device before launching it on the bigger scale in the country. Earlier this month, we reported that Apple had just got the approval in its hand to launch the iPhone 4S in China, and with the approval they were successfully able to launch their iPhone 4S on China Unicom.

China Telecom is one of the biggest cellular networks in the world with having the approach to more than 125 million subscribers on its mobile network, and more than 36 million users on the networks’ 3G data plans. In addition to the iPhone 4S launch on the network, it is reported that China Telecom soon is appeared to be overtaking the title of China Mobile, the world’s largest carrier title. The China Mobile is not yet able to ink the deal with Apple on the launch of iPhone 4S, and the process is further slower due to use of TD-SCDMA technology for its 3G network, which is appeared to be non-compatible with iPhone 4S.