Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

China Telecom Begins Unofficially Aggressive Promotion Of iPhone 4S

In the last week somewhere around a weekend, we heard from the Chinese localized blog that China Carrier has just got a green signal from Chinese government to sell the Apple’s latest iPhone 4S in the main land as the official first provider of the iPhone.  In the last week report, we also learnt that device is currently reached the earlier research department of China Mobile to optimize their network carrier according to the Apple’s new high-end HSPA+ technology of iPhone 4S.

In addition to the last week report, Penn-Olson reports that China Mobile goes to a kind of aggressive again with iPhone 4S promotional banners over their retail stores and teasing customers regarding the device without revealing any hint about the launch of the device. Currently, iPhone 4S is available in the China but only through the Grey Market and some high profile guys over their market.

The iPhone 4S has not yet landed in China with official tag on its back to sell it to Apple’s diehard fans, other main carriers of the China are currently in talk with Apple to get the device on their network. It appears that China’s second biggest carrier China Unicom has yet announced the availability of the iPhone 4S on its network.

China Mobile,  the world’s largest carrier has been working with Apple for a long time to bring the latest device on its network, as soon as possible and much quicker than other rival carriers in the market. It was reported that China Mobile has aggressively ordered $234 million marketing promotions for the launch of iPhone 4S in China.  Apple and China Mobile have yet to confirm the landing of the device in China.