Sat. May 28th, 2022

China Surpasses U.S In iOS and Android Devices Activation’s For First Time

China is already overtaking the U.S in many different fields, and this time it appears that they have finally surpassed the U.S in iOS and Android mobile activations for the first time. The new data comes from the analytics company called Flurry, who reports that China has recently surpassed the U.S  in iOS and Android device’s activations for the first time.

February, Flurry calculated that China surpassed the United States in monthly new iOS and Android device activations for the first time in history. China is now the world’s fastest growing smart device market.

It is reported that the offered data from the analytics company comes combined for the iOS and Android smartphones activation in both states, it represents the similar activation numbers of the devices for the both states. While Apple is expanding its business in the China with the integration of their new services into the iOS and Mac OS X Mountain Lion. Apple is slowly integrating more Chinese local services into their operating systems to provide Chinese users their local services on the company’s royal products.

The analytics data from the Flurry, represents that China is rapidly growing into the mobile market with the huge number of mobile device’s activation. No doubt, China is rapidly becoming the greatest nation of the world with having control over many things, in the past Apple has also expressed their special views about the China and stated that they would do something special for the Chinese growing market.