Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

China Starts To Fake Apple Store After iPhones (Report)

China must be known for faking the iPhones, but did you ever thought of faking a whole Apple Store? We also didn’t ever thought about it till we sawed this.

Above is the fake Apple Store opened in China. The images are taken by birdabroad. The images show the Fake Apple Store which copied every thing from the Apple Store, Means every thing is same as the Apple Store from the logo till Employee blue Shirts,Name on the cards, same dressing as it is done in Apple Stores and the interior is also copied the same as Apple Store.

If you walk in to the store, you will step on the wooden or stone floors depending on the section you are walking into. When you make your way in, you will see the same collection of MAC Books, iPad 2’s and the same posters of iPad 2 which are putted on Apple Retail Store.

The tables are also equipped with the official Apple Patents iDevice holders. This store is on to completely ripping off the Apple.

According to 9to5mac the most amazing part is that:

Being the curious types that we are, we struck up some conversation with these salespeople who, hand to God, all genuinely think they work for Apple.

The Store is located in Kunming,China and the best thing is that there are three stores and each is next to each other.

Do you know what is the most amazing thing on which you will ROFL is? Don’t know? Let us tell you. Now see the picture below.

The Spelling of the Apple Store is written as Apple Stoer. As the spelling on the front is written in right way.

Now there is a saying that:

“To cheat you need mind”

China’s fake Apple Store should implement this saying and correct spelling before Steve Jobs take some action. But wait what is Steve Jobs doing? We are also wondering with you.

Ohh. so there he is.