Sat. May 28th, 2022

China Ordered To Shutdown Fake Apple Stores In Land

Last week a shocking news comes up from the land of China, where Apple is thinking to do some thing big with their largest cellular network’s regarding next generation iPhone launch. The report comes that China has now some fake Apple Stores too, along with having fake iOS devices. The guy who reported the news published series of images through which you can easily check out that stores were complete rip off to the original ones. After high profile reporting, Chinese government start investigating about the stores, and the people who purchased iOS devices for that stores claims that they want refund, even they have real iOS devices.


Today a new report comes from the desk of Bloomberg that Chinese authorities had shut down one or two fake stores and investigating about the persons who behind them.


Today, Bloomberg is reporting that two of the five stores investigated have been shut down.

Chinese authorities shut two stores in Kunming that used Apple Inc.’s logo without the company’s permission because they lacked the proper business licenses, a newspaper run by the southwestern city’s government reported.

Three separate unauthorized Apple stores, which were also investigated, had operating licenses, according to the Dushi Shibao newspaper report, which was posted on the Kunming city government’s website. Officials inspected more than 300 vendors of electronic products in the city, Dushi reported.