Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

China Mobile Has Now 10 Million iPhone Users Without Apple Contract

China is one of the most targeted land for Apple’s iOS devices, as we have already learned from the CEO of Apple that they have different plans for the China mainland to throw their device and to expand their business in the biggest land of the world with the World’s largest carrier. It appears that Apple has currently only one Chinese carrier in its partner list, while others are still trying to make the deal with Apple.

According to the Reuters today report, China Mobile has announced the achievement of the new milestone of ten million iPhone users on its network, despite the company failed to make a deal with Apple to get their device legally for their network customers. China Mobile is not an official Apple’s Partner Carrier for the distribution of the iPhone in the China mainland.


Having a 10 Million iPhone users on a carrier is might be not a big deal, but having much amount of users on the carrier where users only get the speed of 2G network, and the rest of the world moving to 4G. Apple’s iPhone is not compatible with the TD-SCDMA 3G network used by the China Mobile.  At the current time, China Unicom is only the exclusive official carrier who supplies the iPhone in China’s mainland, although all the other big carriers of the country still trying make a deal with Apple for selling its iPhone on their network. In the last few months, we learned that China Mobile and Apple had having some meetings on launching the new iPhone on the carrier. China Mobile is currently the world’s largest wireless carrier with over 600 million customers.