Sat. Mar 6th, 2021

China Mobile Has 15 Million Unofficial iPhone Users, Apple Silently Rolled Out iOS Update

China Mobile is appeared to be the world’s first cellular company who has massive amount of iPhone users, while it is not listed under the official iPhone partner, but it is the most successive cellular in the world with title of biggest cellular company with having more than 650 million customers. The cellular company has recently announced that it has more than 10 million iPhone customers on its network, and the Apple has still yet to make a deal with the cellular company to take it on their board with officially providing the iPhone to them for their users.  However, the deal has not yet finalized between both companies, because the cellular company has advanced and unique baseband frequencies that is not compatible with the Apple’s iPhone data network.

The iPhone users on the China Mobile is using the 2G network, as the 3G network model of the cellular is not compatible with the iPhone series, but still the iPhone users are joining the network because of its all over grip on the cellular prices all over the China. Apple has already inked deals with many other cellular’s in China to bring iPhone officially into China, but it appears that Chinese users love to use China Mobile and that is why they are ignoring the main benefit of data network on their phones and still living with 2G Network on their iPhones. China Mobile has today announced that they now more than 15 million iPhone users in China on their cellular network, and moreover on this statement they have announced that Apple has silently rolled out a software update to iPhone users.



The report claims that Apple has recently rolled out a new software update to iPhone users on China Mobile to upgrade the iOS to make it work on the dual baseband frequencies that made iPhone compatible with the cellular company frequency range, moreover it is reported that users are now able to connect with 3G network with the installation of new iOS update on their devices.