Wed. May 25th, 2022

China Mobile and Steve Jobs Had Secret Meetings For iPhone

This morning we got news from the desk of Reuters about the China’s biggest carrier, actually not only China’s all over the world’s biggest carrier that they have some secret meeting in the near past with the Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs, yes you read right! With Steve Jobs! As we all know Steve Jobs is currently on leave from the company for last couple of months, so how could he met with executives of China Mobile, maybe he accompanying Apple’s COO Tim Cook on his June tour to China Mobile, where he got caught by the eagle eyes, while walking with China Mobiles Executives. According to the report, the meeting was based on the next generation and current iPhone introduction to the customers of largest carrier. As reported by China Mobile, they have currently 7.44 million users who use iPhone on their carrier but with not full carrier support, but in the recent past we have seen that Apple also wished to launch their iPhone on the world’s biggest carrier, and therefore they had meetings in the past and they also quite doing hard work to design their iPhone compatible with the China Mobile’s advanced TD-LTE Network standard.

Couple of weeks ago, we have also heard from the sources of WSJ that Apple and China Mobile finally are near to cut the deal of launching iPhone 4 officially on the carrier, and also the analyst reports that it’s a huge opportunity for Apple to win the market of China with its next generation iPhone.