Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

China Mobile and Apple Deal Getting Closer, That Brings iPhone to 600 Million Subscribers

Along the launch of iPhone 5, we have also seen a little hype in Chinese Cellular companies that are trying to deal with Apple to get their hands on its iPhone 4 for their network customers, while getting into more deep details. WSJ has just reported that their source confirmed them that Apple and China Mobile is getting closer about the deal of iPhone 4 launch to their network, China mobile is the largest carrier of the China that holds more than 600 million subscriber. Sometime ago we have spotted the Apple COO Tim Cook at the head quarters of China Mobile, the source claims that his visit to the HQ confirms the deal.


The WSJ also discusses the price of the current iPhone models in context with the average salaries for China households:

The iPhone, which currently sells for between 3,999 and 5,999 yuan without contract, would be a luxury for many Chinese consumers. The average household income in the first half of 2011 was 12,076 yuan, according to China’s national statistics bureau.

The price strategy for China Mobile launch makes sense that they will really need a low cost iPhone for the economical users, the report does not carry any information about the launch of iPhone with China Mobile, while on another hand China Mobile has confirmed that they are in talk with Apple to get hand on iPhone 4.