Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

China May Snatch iPad Trademark From Apple Soon

It appears that Apple is goings through the very bad time of the period, since the start of the month Cupertino company has faced many defeats against its most powerful rival Samsung. Apple has also losses its grip from the market in last quarter earnings. It seems Apple to may now lose its most powerful trademark soon, at least in some regions. Apple is reportedly accused of trademark infringement regarding the most powerful tablet name “iPad”, recently in th past a Taiwan based company sues Apple in the court for damaging their image in the market by announcing and using their trademark for their most famous tablet of the era. Proview Electronics a Taiwanese company sued Apple back in October over the use of “iPad” trademark for their device.

iPad Apple Trademark

The chairman of the Proview Electronics claimed to sue the Apple for damages both in the US and China, while Apple counter striked their move by silently purchasing the global rights to the trademark, and as well launched the lawsuit in China,  the biggest market of the world to get the rights on “iPad”, which was not in the agreement with the company.  In addition to the report, Reuters reported today that Shenzhen-based Intermediate People’s Court finally rejected the Apple’s smart move request to gain the access on the “iPad” trademark in China.

On the other side of the coin, Financial Times joined the story and reported that Proview had ownership over the iPad trademark in numerous regions including EU, Singapore, China, EU, Thiland, Indonesia and Vietnam. However, the Proview Electronics failed in the last ten years to market their tablet computer known as “I-Pad”. According to the report from the insights courts are not yet announced their decision over the ownership of the trademark.

The Proview chairman Yang Rongshan commented back in October, while registering a case against Apple that they will seek a heavy amount of fine from Apple at least a minimum of 10 billion yuan ($1.5billion).